We Go To Work Thinking About You

by Bookstore Admin October 20, 2017

We Go To Work Thinking About You

A Rhyme for Your Time

By Valerie Hayes, ITI Training Solutions Advisor


Crane & Rigging Training is what we do

We go to work thinking about you

Instructors are at your site or ours

Putting in the time to get you your training hours


Your bosses at work are “making” you go to training

Sometimes all they hear back is a lot of complaining

They really do have your best interest at heart

Making sure you know how to do your part


ITI instructs through classroom teaching

Making sure your mind is forever reaching

Hands-On activities is what we are known for

To help you better understand when you walk out that door


Blended learning helps you to better understand

When you apply what you learned with equipment in hand

You have a craft and apply it every day

Training is to help you look at things in a knowing way


You go to work to provide for your family

We go to work to teach so you go home daily

Whether going home is to your home, wife, kids or dogs

I sure hope you liked – Valz Blogz


Remember – We love what we do

We know you will too

You love what you do

We want to partner with you!



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