Let Us, Help You, Help Them

by Karolyn Knott November 29, 2017

Let Us, Help You, Help Them

 We all have one in our lives, the lineman, rigger, crane operator, signal person.  They are on the front line of construction, electrical repair, moving large heavy equipment, they are making a difference. 

This season, give the unique gift of safety.  

For that person in your life who knows everything, Desk Ref  -  1280 pages of endless knowledge.  From chemistry and physics, to automotive repair and plumbing, this book is an oracle of all things.

Looking for a stocking stuffer? A quick laminated pocket reference for the lineman, rigger, crane operator or signal person in you life just may be the perfect fit.

Spanish speaking materials?  Yes, we have those too!  Check out our complete selection of Spanish materials HERE.

Give the gift of high quality, with a Myerchin Riggers KnifeMyerchin, a leader in the production of rigging knives.

 Don’t have time to shop?   Gift cards!  The gift of their own selection.

As an added bonus this season, use promo code WEBSTORE at checkout for 10% discount. Looking for a particular industry related book or reference guide, give us a call at 360-225-5858 or email at bookstore@iti.com.

Karolyn Knott
Karolyn Knott


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