Accident Investigation Field Reference Card

Industrial Training International, Inc.


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Introducing ITI's Field Services Accident Investigation Field Reference Card, whether construction, industrial, in the field or not, this reference card is a step by step guide for any accident. From scene securement, witness statements, site considerations, load handling, rigging considerations, supporting documents and more. This 2 sided, tri-fold, laminate card is your quick resource for any on the job accident.

  • 9 Steps for Securing the Scene
  • Steps in obtaining Witness Statements & taking Photographs
  • 27 Considerations with Load Handling Equipment (LHE)
  • 9 Considerations with Rigging
  • 10 Considerations to take into account the the Load
  • Site - Environmental Considerations and Scene Survey
  • 8 things to keep in mind with the Sequence of Events
  • 23 Supporting Documentation Considerations
  • Root Cause Analysis Process
  • OHSA, ANSI, and ASME Regulations & Standards References


  • 6 panels fold to 11" x 3.75" (Tri-Fold)
  • 2 Sided, Laminated