Field Reference Cards - 3 Card Pack (Item #3000)

Industrial Training International, Inc.


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Grouped together, our 3 most popular pocket-sized reference cards, inside our vinyl sleeve protection card caddy.

Journeyman Rigger Reference Card: This intermediate rigger reference card includes sling capacities (wire rope, polyester round slings, web eye & eye, chain G-8), load factors and weight distribution (diagram and formulas), block and fairlead loading, hardware capacities (including master links, turnbuckles, wire rope clips, eye bolts & more), coefficients of friction, calculating load weights (various materials & liquids), hitch types, hand signals and a rigger's checklist.

Master Rigger Reference Card: A reference card for the advanced rigger.  Five panels on each side display load turning, 2 crane lifts, pick points CG & sling leg loading, level and incline plane (formulas), steel beam & rigging gear capacities, multiple CGs, CoF, level vs. off-level pick points, two rulers, angles - ratios - factors - formulas - data,  D/d ratios and more.

Rigging Gear Inspection Reference Card: The latest removal criteria for slings (wire rope, web, roundslings and alloy chain), below-the-hook lifting devices, hoist ropes and rigging hardware as referenced in the 29 CFR 1910.184, and ASME Standards B30.9, B30.10, B30.20 and B30.26.


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