Crane Hazards and Their Prevention

David MacCollum


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Award-winning engineer David MacCollum, and the American Society of Safety Engineers, have produced a detailed analysis of 47 crane hazards with a description of safety requirements and references to the specific standards applicable to each.

  • 178 pages
  • 8" x 10", softbound

Topics Include:

  • How range-limiting devices can help crane operators avoid powerline contacts.
  • How load moment indicators (LMIs) can reduce the occurrence of crane upset from overloads.
  • How some rough-terrain mobile hydraulic cranes, logging tongs and flatbed trucks that have hydraulic cranes mounted on them can contribute to upsets due to overloads.
  • How the use of CAD software can make lift simulations easier and less hazardous.
  • How technology (such as infrared detectors and closed circuit TV) can prevent injury from pinch points and nip points.
  • How the active participation of top management can prevent accident, injuries and fatalities by ensuring crane safety.

Type: Crane

Vendor: David MacCollum

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