Mobile Crane Operator Training Program

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The Mobile Crane Operator Program is designed for your in-house trainer* to increase the operator’s knowledge, skill, and proficiency level through classroom and hands-on training.  

This course is ideal for those who wish to be apprentices in crane handling, crane maintenance personnel, and current operators who have been trained by field practices, but not yet exposed to the formal side of crane subjects.  This course is also excellent for supervisory persons and lift directors who did not rise through the trades in the seat of a crane.

    Course Subjects:

  • Crane Components
  • Calculating Capacities
  • Outrigger Position
  • Load Charts
  • Operator's Responsibilities
  • Effects of Counterweight
  • Reeving
  • Rated Strength
  • Gross & Net Loads
  • Center of Gravity
  • Radius
  • Set-Up
  • Daily Inspection
  • Boom Length / Angle
  • Hand Signals
  • Pick & Carry Practices


Student Materials

  • Student Workbook
  • Student Coursebook
  • Mobile Crane Operator Reference Card (Item 3071)

 Student Materials sold in complete sets of 10, 25, 50 or 100.  Select your choice from the drop down box above, under quantity.


Optional Student E-Learning

Mobile Crane Operator Certification Test Prep
Online & On-Demand | 12-16 hours

This program is designed to prepare participants to take the general and crane-specific exams for national accredited agencies.

To order the Optional Student E-Learning Test Prep course, click HERE, or call our office at 360-225-1100.


Trainer Materials

  • Trainer Workbook with Answer Key
  • Trainers E-Learning "how to" Course (12 month access)
  • Mobile Crane Operator Reference Card (Item 3071)


* (In-house trainer) PLEASE NOTE:  INDUSTRIAL TRAINING INTERNATIONAL, INC., reserves the right to refuse to sell product to an individual person and individuals and/or companies who provide training services for a fee. These materials are intended to support employers internal training programs.