NCCCO Rigger II Certification Test Prep

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NCCCO Rigger II Certifcation Test Prep
Online & On-Demand | 6 hours 

This course has been designed for candidates preparing for a Rigger II Certification Test.  Participants will be walked through scenarios related to load weight estimation, sling tension, center of gravity and more. All Rigger I topics will also be covered in this course: rigging inspection, hitches, knots, signals, planning & execution, etc.

Make the most of your study time by using our quizzes and end-of-course test to guide your preparation and help you succeed on your certification exam.

This course is available online & on-demand for 1 year.  Please review our Online Course Access Policy.

Course Contents
  • Load weight estimation
  • Sling tension
  • Center of gravity
  • Share of load
  • Multi-part lines
  • Level and incline planes
  • Block and fairlead loading
  • All Rigger I concepts:
    • Inspection, correct use, and standards & regulations for rigging equipment
    • Common knots and hitches
    • Rigging hitches
    • Hand, voice and other audible signals
    • Planning and execution