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Thomas Glover

Desk Ref 4th Edition

Desk Ref 4th Edition

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There are 12 new sections which are not currently in either Pocket Ref or Handyman In-Your-Pocket.  Most of the table layouts for the entire book have been upgraded.  Large print-- easy on the eyes! Makes the perfect gift for anyone!

Containing references, tables, and instructional guides on such varied subjects as automotive repair; carpentry and construction; chemistry and physics; computers; physical, chemical, and mathematical constants; electronics; money and measurement conversions; advanced first aid; glue, solvents, paints, and finishes; hardware; mine, mill, and aggregate; plumbing; zip codes; rope, cable, and knots; steel and metals; surveying and mapping; and more.

Includes complete information from both the Pocket Ref, and Handyman In-Your-Pocket reference books.

  • 1280 pages, softbound
  • 6" x 9", large print
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