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B30.17 Cranes and Monorails (With Underhung Trolley or Bridge)

B30.17 Cranes and Monorails (With Underhung Trolley or Bridge)

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Volume B30.17 includes provisions that apply to the construction, installation, operation, inspection, testing and maintenance of hand-operated and power-operated overhead cranes and monorail systems with either an underhung trolley or bridge, or both. These cranes and monorail systems shall support one or more hoists used for vertical lifting and lowering of freely suspended, unguided loads, and include top running and underhung bridge cranes,  gantry cranes, traveling wall cranes, jib cranes, polar gantry cranes, portable gantries, other cranes having the same fundamental characteristics, and monorail systems including trolleys (carriers) and end trucks.  Track sections and their support systems for monorail systems, runways and their support systems for underhung cranes, and runway rails for top-running cranes, are also within the scope of this Volume. 

  • 8 1/2" x 11", softbound
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