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B30.3 Tower Cranes

B30.3 Tower Cranes

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B30.3 applies to construction tower cranes and permanently mounted tower cranes that are powered by electric motors or internal combustion engines and that adjust their operating radius by means of a luffing boom mechanism, a trolley traversing a horizontal jib, or a combination of the two. The cranes may be mounted on fixed bases or traveling bases and may have tower and supporting structure arrangements that permit the crane to climb in a structure being built or that permits increasing the cranes tower height as the structure rises. Variations of the above physical characteristics that provide the same fundamental operating characteristics are included in the scope of this Volume however, the requirements of this Volume are only applicable to the cranes within this scope when they are used in lifting operations. Mobile cranes configured with tower attachments (refer to ASME B30.5) and self-erecting tower cranes (refer to ASME B30.29) are not within the scope of this Volume.

  • 8.5" x 11", softbound
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