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Hydraulic Platform Transporters Reference Card

Hydraulic Platform Transporters Reference Card

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The Hydraulic Platform Transporters Card is the ultimate heavy haulers reference card.  Panel topics include: Transport Types & Required Axle Lines; Pull Force & Tractive Effort; Hydraulic Stability & Tipping Stability; Structural Stability & Structural Capacity; Spine Beam, Ground Pressure; External Forces; Curve or Centripetal Forces; Wind; Gradient; Lashing & Securing; Goose Neck, and Beaufort Wind Scale.

Within these panels is a vast amount of knowledge including; equipment - load - environment abbreviations, terminology, equalizing effect explained, SPMT (Self Propelled Modular Transporter) steering capabilities, limiting factors on 3-point & 4-point suspensions, formulas for structural stability angles, formuals for calculating ground pressure, calculation of wind pressure & acceleration, and determining vertical securing requirements to name a few.

This Field Reference Card is based on the book "The Art of Heavy Transport", in conjunction with the author, Marco van Daal, owner of "The Works International".

  •  16 panels, 2 sided, laminated
  • Folds to 4.75" x 3.5"
  • Full Color
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