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Model Rigging Training Kit

Model Rigging Training Kit

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Rigging a load is not academic. It’s real work with real consequences. Rigging training should be just as real with hands-on experience and tangible results.

  That’s what ITI Model Rigging Training Kit by TactiLearning gives you: functional models of the same screw pin shackles, swivel hoist rings, spreader bars, slings and master links that are on the jobsite for better, longer-lasting understanding of what matters most for keeping the worksite safe and projects moving forward.

 TactiLearning’s ITI Model Rigging Training Kit includes:

  • A multi-configurable load box (8.75” x 3.25” x 1.75”)
  • 4 cylindrical loads (8”)
  • Master link
  • 2 shouldered eye bolts
  • 2 medium shackles
  • 4 small shackles
  • 2 swivel hoist rings
  • 8 varied-length slings (from 6 1/2" to 24")
  • Spreader beam with adjustable end fittings
  • 2 cribbing blocks
  • Tape measure with level
  • Adjustable load arm stand
Also included is a lift guide so that you can get the hands-on learning for the rigging concepts you need in the real world, such as:
  •  Bridle Hitches
  • Choker Hitches
  • Basket Hitches
  • Load Control
  • Off-Center Center of Gravity
  • Shackle Orientation
  • Pivoting a Load
  • Length / Height Sling Tension Multipliers
  • Eye Bolt De-rating for Angular Loads
  • Spreader Beams
  • and more!

 Plus, we provide you with a USB drive that includes Instructor Manuals and Student Workshops designed by industry experts to get the most out of the training experience. 

This versatile Model Rigging Training Kit allows you to combine and configure complex loads for even more advanced rigging concepts and configurations.

Arm yourself with the tools you need to get the concepts down and the details right before you hit the jobsite. Don’t just get the idea, get the hands-on training you need for the real world.



*NOTE - No Refunds for USB

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