Rigging Engineering Calculations

J. Keith Anderson


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This volume is a “how-to” resource for many of the calculations required in rigging operations and is intended to complement “Rigging Engineering Basics” or can be used stand-alone.

Topics Include:

  • Verify a lift beam or spreader
  • Calculate sag and tension in a suspended line
  • Calculate lashing forces in a transport arrangement
  • Determine if a barge is stable
  • Calculate suspension forces in complex arrangements
  • Assess wind forces
  • Design a crane matting arrangement
  • Determine crushing forces in a wrapped basket hitch
  • and, much more.

In (relatively) simple language, principles are explained, formulae are derived and applied with worked examples in both US customary and metric units. Those who simply need a look-up reference for a formula can use the book in that way. For those who really need to get into depth, references are made to useful standards and other resources.

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  • 214 pages
  • 8.5" x 11", softbound
  • Both Metric and Imperial Systems used throughout examples in the text
  • ISBN 9780692095324



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